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What is CCT 2023?

Who attends?

CCT 2023, The Cloud, Content and Telecoms Summit provides a much-needed event for the emerging telco and cloud ecosystem and enables discussion, dialogue and communication at the highest level on many of the industry challenges relating to global connectivity and infrastructure and the new services that need to be delivered.

Bringing together the leading executives from cloud providers and hyperscalers, telecom carriers and service providers, interconnect, platform and data centre players, content and OTT providers and large enterprises CCT  provides a unique opportunity and platform to learn and discuss with peers, define priorities, advance agendas and shape the future industry.

Participation is by invitation-only ensuring a highly targeted, senior and focused audience. The format is participative and interactive with expertly facilitated boardroom-style discussions and brainstorming think tanks.

C-level executives (CEOs, CCOs, CTOs, CSOs, COOs, EVPs, Heads of Strategy, Network Development, Engineering, Partnerships) from cloud providers and hyperscaler players, content/OTT providers, fixed, mobile and subsea carriers and service providers and data centre/interconnect platform providers, end-users from entertainment, media, finance, healthcare, automotive, transport and gaming/esports verticals.

Why CCT 2023?

Digitalisation and digital transformation has reshaped the telecom industry landscape and a new telecoms ecosystem has emerged. Virtualisation and the advent of cloud-based technologies has led to a paradigm shift in the way telecom services and networks are being deployed. Covid-19 dramatically fast-forwarded this process of automation and had a significant impact on the acceleration of the sector as a whole. Increasing pressure is being placed on existing infrastructure as a result of the demand for cloud, the proliferation of new services, disruptive technologies and the ageing of existing infrastructure.


Competitive boundaries have shifted with the increasing pressure from OTT, cloud and content providers. The continuing need to invest and innovate to upgrade existing networks for the future and build new networks in under-connected regions is essential if the ultimate goal of achieving global connectivity and enabling high quality internet access for all is to be realised. This cannot be achieved by one type of organisation alone. A new telco ecosystem has emerged:


  • Hyperscalers and cloud providers have specific requirements based on scale, service delivery, time to market

  • the subsea and backbone network market is changing and new financing and infrastructure models emerging with new forms of investment models

  • data centre requirements continue to grow with an increased focus on edge computing to meet the anticipated proliferation of IoT devices; additionally issues such as sustainability have come to the forefront

  • there is a shift towards on-demand and new platform-based models to respond to the needs of diverse industries

  • the evolution of 5G and the interplay between fixed, mobile, data centres and content is having a big impact on the industry

  • content and OTT providers are looking for new partnership opportunities to deliver services

  • how the industry can leverage new technologies such as blockchain, automation and AI is critical

  • understanding how different enterprise verticals are undergoing digital transformation and what that means from an infrastructure, connectivity and service point of view is ever more important

  • carriers and service providers need to redefine their market positions, evaluate their business processes and systems, transform and rebuild their business models and create new revenue streams if they are to play a significant role within this new ecosystem.

Chris George. Global Network Acquisition - Google

"A different event to the usual sales-oriented. Good discussion about the future and upcoming developments as well as a great mix of attendees for both the panels and networking. Exactly the right format for considering and developing new strategies."
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